We believe that primary expression of church is found in its most simple form-- discipleship relationships.  Jesus said that wherever two or three are gathered in his name he is right there in the midst of them.  So, we see these pockets of people gathered around the life and mission of Jesus as the basic building blocks of the Church.  What’s more, Jesus was really clear about what his followers were supposed to do until he returns:  make more disciples.  In other words, discipleship is big deal for us!  We want to develop people who follow Jesus by becoming like him in every way possible.  Here at Fusion we use two primary vehicles of discipleship:





LTGs, or Life Transformation Groups, are groups of 2-3 people who commit to help each other hear from and respond to God for a definite period of time (we recommend 12 weeks or more).  Some LTGs may have a clear leader, others may not, and they follow a pretty simple format: Reading Scripture, Reflecting on What God might be saying to you through scripture, prayer or life circumstances, Responding with prayer and action. We have found that these serve the purpose of mutually encouraging and challenging believers but also introducing people to what life with Jesus is all about for the first time!  You can start an LTG yourself anytime with anyone or ask around to jump in one.  Check out the Discipleship Resources below to download our LTG Brochure for all the details,  LTG Bookmark for a quick start,  and our short video explaining a tool (The Learning Circle) we use in LTGs (video not available on mobile site).










Huddles are vehicles we use to train and equip people who are committed to making disciples and developing as leaders. In a Huddle, one person (who has been through a huddle his/herself) feels called to invest in a group 3-8 people and invites them into an intentional, ongoing discipleship relationship.  A Huddle requires a pretty high commitment from everyone involved and training for the leader, so it’s not something people can just jump into at anytime. However, if you really have desire to be discipled and make disciples, we help you get on track to be in a huddle as soon possible.  It is our goal to use Huddles as vehicles to create a culture of discipleship in every area of Fusion Church.  You can read more about Huddles in Mike Breen’s, Building a Discipling Culture.


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