Check out some of recommendations to familiarize yourself more with our mission and vision as a church community.



Love INC


Are you in need or know families in need?  We highly recommend connecting with not-for-profit Love in the Name of Christ, Lake County.  With a warehouse situated in Wauconda, and friendly and loving staff, they are able to connect those who are in need of goods and services.




Faith Acres Foundation (McHenry, IL)

Chicago Prayer Network

Forge Chicago (Mission Training Network)

Missional Allies







About (from inside flap): "...Written for those who are trying to nurture authentic faith communities and for those who have struggled to retain their faith, The Tangible Kingdom offers theological answers and real-life stories that demonstrate how the best ancient church practices can re-emerge in today's culture, through any church of any size."


Reason we like it:

As we consider ourselves a grass-roots sort of community, we have found incarnational living (that is, living our every day lives as Jesus would) in our local context is a tried and true way of advancing the Kingdom of God in community.  


This book has been a guide as to how this ideal is played out practically in our own community.  It's easy and quick to read, and inspiring.  

Websites, Blogs, Podcasts:

The Bible Project (amazing, artistic animated videos that narrate Bible themes)


Voices That Carry (podcast done by our very own Henry)


Forgotten Ways Podcast


Verge Network





Their existence is simple:  "to CHANGE the worldby putting DISCIPLESHIP and MISSION back into the hands of ordinary people."  They do this through many avenues like workshops, materials and coaching, which have inspired many leaders within our own mission.  They have a wealth of resources available on the website.


Books/Resources they have written that we use regularly to help disciple our church are:

Building a Discipling Culture

Leading Missional Communities

Kairos Quest (Children's curriculum)

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